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Pressure Washers – Hot Water

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Model # 4305X4

alkota pressure washer 4305X4When you need high pressure, hot water, and mobility in one pressure washer, Alkota  offers you these two great machines.

The Alkota 4305-2T is a portable, gasoline powered hot water pressure washer that  delivers 4 GPM (gal per min) at 3,000 PSI. This machine comes is powered by a Belt  Drive 13 HP Honda Electric Start engine, Oil Bath Pumps with ceramic plungers, steel  pipe coils and stainless steel reservoir for quality and  durability. The Kero burner is  diesel powered with automatic ignition and raises water temperature by 125°F.

The Alkota 4405-F is also a portable, gasoline powered hot water pressure washer. It  delivers 4 GPM at 4,000 PSI. It’s powered by a belt drive 16 HP Vanguard electric  start  engine and also features Oil Bath Pumps with ceramic plungers, steel coil pipes  and  stainless steel reservoir. The Kero burner is diesel powered with automatic  ignition  and raises water temperature by 90°F.

Because of both their abilities and mobility, the Alkota 4305-2T and 4405-F are ideal   for cleaning  situations such as construction yards, salvage yards, hog and poultry   producers, and any other application requiring a highly mobile hot water pressure   washer.

Model # 216X4


Alkota Four Wheel SeriesThese hot high pressure washers are compact, efficient diesel oil fired units that can easily be moved to the job site. Portability makes them ideal for farms, service stations, repair shops, or rental fleets. With this portability you do not sacrifice quality or performance.

These units are available in an Xtreme version, designed and built for those who demand the highest performance. The Cleaning Crew Xtreme Series combines the best in engineering, quality materials, and uncompromising craftsmanship to create a pressure washer that takes every standard in the industry and blasts it out of the water.


  • Electric
  • Oil Fired
  • Portable
  • 4 pneumatic wheels
  • Belt driven tri-plex pump
  • High-efficiency electric motor
  • Non-corrosive float tank
  • High-pressure detergent application
  • Trigger gun
  • Schedule 80 coil on units 2300 PSI and higher
  • Stainless steel wrapper
  • Fuel solenoid
  • High-limit temperature control
  • Black color
  • CSA certified units available



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