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Fluid Film Corrosion Preventative and Lubricant - Eureka Chemical
Corrosion Preventative & Lubricant - Eureka Chemical - Fluid Film
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FLUID FILM products offer powerful corrosion protection for all metals and superior lubrication for all moving parts on just about anything. They are long lasting, thixotropic liquids and gels that have been used for over 55 years.

More recently they have been introduced and successfully utilized in the lawn & garden, aviation and automobile industries, as well as providing an environmentally friendlier solution for home maintenance. They are used at government, commercial fishing, gas companies, farming, salt, power, and industrial plants companies.

FLUID FILM is formulated from specially processed wool-wax, highly refined petroleum oils and selected agents to provide corrosion control, penetration, metal wetting and water displacement.

These long lasting products contain no solvents,
will not dry out and will penetrate to the base of all metals, providing corrosion protection from both natural and industrial atmospheres. Heavily corroded or frozen parts such as nuts, bolts, shafts that would normally be damaged during maintenance, now can be salvaged by applying FLUID FILM.
Aerosol Can - 11 3/4 OZ, 12/CT

FLUID FILM in an easy to apply aerosol can. Prevents corrosion on all metals. Lubricates moving parts. Long lasting protection.
One Gallon - 1 gal, 4/CT

FLUID FILM in an easy to handle one gallon can. Long term protection. Economical. Apply by brush, roller or pressurized spray.
Brush-Can - 8 oz, 24/CT

Built in brush applicator. Eliminates messy oversppray. Ideal for detail applications. Allows for desired consistency.
Hand-Pump - 12 oz, 12/CT

Non pressurized hand-pump package. Refillable/reusable container. Allows for stream spray only.
5 Gallon Pail - 5 gal

FLUID FILM in a 5 gallon pail for larger application. The number one choice for equipment being stored or shipped. Apply by brush, roller or pressurized spray.
55 Gallon Drum - 55 gal

FLUID FILM in the 55 gallon drum delivers the ultimate value in bulk packaging. Over 11,000 square feet of coverage. Apply by brush, roller, or pressurized spray.