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Automotive Lift Safety and Compliance Training and Inspection
Vehicle Lift Inspections Auto and Automotive Lift Inspections and repairs by Reds Equipment serving Syracuse, NY, Rochester,NY and Buffalo, NY
Reds Equipment carries a full line of Alkota Pressure Washers and Hunter Brake Lathes.  Reds Equipment Garage and Tire Shop Tools and Equipment is located in Syracuse, NY with satellite offices in Rochester, NY and Buffalo, NY
Reds Equipment offers exclusively, Lift Safe Auto Lift Safety and Compliance assistance.  Reds Garage Equipment Warehouse offers safety training and repairs and service for most brands of garage and tire shop equipment.  We serve Syracuse, NY, Buffalo, NY, Upstate New York including Watertown and Utica.
Reds Equipment sells a full line of Rotary Lift Systems.  Our warehouse carries all Rotary Auto and Truck lifts and we servie them for you as well.  Reds Equipment Warehouse, the name to trust for Garage Shop and Tire Shop tools and equipment new and used.
Reds Garage and Tire Shop Equipment Warehouse in Syracuse, NY carries a full line of Hunter Engineering products such as Hunter Brake Lathes, Hunter Wheel Balancers, Tire Changeres, Hunter Alignment Systems, Lift Racks and a full line of Hunter Engineering accessories.
Fluid Film Corrosion Preventative and Lubricant by the can, gallon or case at Reds Equipment
Reds Equipment Warehouse is an Authorized Repair and Service Center for Rotary, Norco, Goodall Startall, Champion, Hunter Engineering.  Our professional trained technicians twoubleshoot and repair major automotive and garage equipment.
Used Brake Lathe, Tire Changers, Wheel Balancer and more.  Save big by shopping Reds Used Garage and Tire Shop Tools and Equipment inventory.
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New Equipment: (Please call for pricing)

Tire Changers:

Coats 5040E Rim clamp tire changer

Hunter TCX515E Bead press arm and cone, steel mount head w/polymer inserts, jaw extender/reducer 110 & 120V available

Hunter TCX535E, Steel mount head with polymer inserts, standard bead lever, swing arm, bead press system

Hunter TCX575, Primary travel arm, secondary travel fixed arm, pressing cones, lifting disk, electric leverless tabletop change

Wheel Balancers:

Cemb K10 EVO Wheel balancer

Hunter SW03 Smart weight balancer - TPMS specs, BDC laser, double datset arms, spindle-lok, ink-jet printer

Hunter RF10 RoadForce balancer, straight trak, quick match, BDC laser inflation station, spindle lok, wheel lift

Jacks & Stands

Norco 81006D, 6-ton jack stands
American Forge and Foundry SS3, 3-ton vehicle stands

Parts Washers

Safety Kleen, Model 16 Part #1155 Solvent sink parts washer

Pressure Washers and Accessories

MudCat, Under vehicle wash system

Alkota 418 X 4 Hot Pressure Washer, 1800 PSI @ 4 GPM, portable, 50ft hose and trigger gun

Auto Lift / Car Lift / Automotive Lift / Truck Lift

Rotary SPOA10, Surface mounted, electric-hydraulic operation @ 10,000 lb capacity

Rotary SPO10, Surface mounted, electric-hydraulic operation, @ 10,000 lb capacity

Rotary SPOA12, Surface mounted, True Ssymmetric design, electric-hydraulic operation @ 12,000 lb capacity

Rotary MCH418, Portable lift wheel pick-up, electro hydraulic 4-unit system with moveable forks, 72,000 lb lift capacity and wireless.

Rotary RS18YL, Screw type adjustable stands, 56.1" - 82.3" @ 18,000 lb capacity

Rotary RFP9 Revolution, 9,000 lb, 4 post storage lift, 85" rise, power unit, 110v (220 volt optional)

Rotary RTP10 Revolution, @10,000 lb capacity, surface mounted, frame contact lift, electric hydraulic operation, 1 phase 220v

Exhaust Machine

RTI, Portable Exhaust Machine, EV1

Work Benches

Samson 280400 Steel work bench
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Used Equipment: (Please call to verify pricing)

Tire Changers:

Coats 5060E upright tire changer: $1,750.00

Coats 5060EX tire (2): $2,350.00 each

Corghi AM26 Artiglio Master Professional Tire/Wheel Changer: $8,500.00

Coats 30/30 tire changer: $550.00

Wheel Balancers:

Accu-turn 1450 wheel balancer: $950.00 (plus freight)

Coats 1025 wheel balancer: $1,799.00

FMC4100 wheel balancer: $999.00

Hunter DSP9500 wheel blalancer, single phase, 230v, simple data input, split weight model (reduces weight inventory), 45 second calibration: $2,499.00

John Bean 5.1 wheel balancer: $2,100.00

John Bean VPI system 1 wheel balancer: $1,100.00

Bada Bubble Balancer: $99.00

Coats Bubble Balancer: $125.00

Pressure Washers:

Delco Hot Water - 1,000 pSI @ 2.0 GPM w/50' hose and trigger gun: $499.00

Alkota 2141-LP Heated Pressure Washer - 1,600 PSI @ 2.1 GPM 115v, single phase with 45lb propane tank - rebuilt: $2,679.00

Hydro-Tek General pro HP 14002E1G hot pressure washer, 1400 PSI GPM @ 2.0 w/new coil, 40' hose w/trig activated gun: $1,899.00

Alkota 4181NG stationary Hot Pressure Washer, complete w/1800 PSI @ 4 GPM, natural gas heated, 230 V single phase, 50' hose and trigger gun. Excellent condition: $2,699.00.


Hunter P211 Four wheel alignment system - Updated thru 2007: $1,599.00

Accu-Turn 2400CCDW wireless alignment system used state of the art technology and components: $5,999.00

Brake Lathes:

Ammco 4000 Drum and Rotor brake lathe, some with adapters, rebuilt and like new condition: $4,750.00

Ammco 4000 Combination brake lathe with lathe bench and adapters. Rebuilt and only $2,600.00

Ammco Brake Lathe Bench: $175.00

Ammco Long Bench with wheels #2407: $99.00

Ammco 6950 Twin Cutter for 4000 or 4100 brake lathe. Rebuilt: $470.00

Pro Cut "on car" Brake Lathe rebuilt with adapters and stand: $4,600.00

Rels rebuilt 204 Comb Drum/Rotor Lathe, will do up to cars and medium sized truck rotor and drums. Comes with new adapters: $4,999.00

Lifts and Jacks

FMC Parallelogram Lift with 9000 lb lifting capacity and 176" wheel base: $2,100.00

Rotary Arm Pkgs 2 Post, 10,000 lb: $695.00

Rotary Flip - Up pads, set of 4, 2 post: $120.00

Rotary SM18 4 post lifts, 18,000 lbs with 2-RJ9000 rolling jacks. 2 Available. Prices are: $5,995.00 and $8,495.

Rotary RJ 9.000lb Rolling jack: $1,800.00

Yale Pallet Jack: $250.00

Air Compressor

Speed Aire 5 HP on 80 gallon vertical receiver, 3 phase: $1,500.00

Used Equipment: Miscellaneous Equipment

Wynn Coolant Flusher PRICE REDUCED: $1,299.00

Harvey GS30 Exhaust Drops (SIX AVAILABLE): $195.00

Vehicle Exhaust Reels with 25' of 4" hose and dual tail pipe adapt, 300 degree temperature limit: $350.00

Flex-Lock NPB 3" ID - 5 coil X 10' each exhaust hose: $399.00

Samson Medium Presssure Hose Reel, 1/2" X 50: $250.00

Samson Medium Pressure Hose Reel for 1/2" X 50 (Hose is not included) $175.00

Nedeman Exhaust Reels with blower: $260.00

Budgit Crane - 1/4 ton with electric hoist: $60.00

Rolling Oil Drains, metal, portable and telescoping: $99.00

Safety Stands, 6 ton (1 set): $47.00

Lube Tank, 300 gallon, bench style with 5:1 pump: $950.00

Work Benches, assorted with tops, grinders, etc: $170.00 - $250.00

Bolt Cabinet - 72 bin: $110.00

Cabinet, 12 drawer with inventory, misc inventory parts. We have 3 available: $95.00 each.

Steel Cabinet, 2 door, 36" X 42": $50.00

Approach Ramps, extra wide for truck lift (set): $250.00

Lincoln Power Luber, 1400 series w / battery and case: $150.00

Engine Stand, "H" style, 1250 lb cap: $150.00

Hitachi 1/2 Ton Electric Chain Hoist: $1,200.00

Parts Washer, 20 gallon, 110v, EXCELLENT CONDITION: $169.00

Tall Wooden Ladder: $50.00

Short Wooden Ladder: $25.00

1-1/2 Ton Engine Crane (NAPA): $100.00

Torch Heads / Regulators with Hoses: $125.00

Battery Tester (Old): $25.00

Drum Cart: $100.00

Welder-Miller-Thunderbolt w/rod: $350.00

Gear Oil Hand Pump w/drum cover: $75.00

Air Operated Oil Pump with Hose & Control Handle: $175.00

Steel Drawer Cabinets with 30 drawers, good condition and we have 4 available at this time: $80.00 each

Drum / Truck Carrier - Industrial Steel, 1000 lb capacity - 55 gallon drum: $198.00

Engine Stand 1250 lbs: $170.00

Sand Blaster with hose: $99.00

Cox Reel Air Hose Reel, Model #PLPL350 (without hose - A 3/8", 50' hose is required): $150.00

Snap On Evap Emissions Tester. Smoke machine with mobile cart and tank: $1,500.00

Portable Abrasive Blaster steel hopper hose/ceramic nozzle: $169.00

OTC #1819 Heavy Duty Lifting Crane, 2200 lb capacity, "Fold-Away" and adjustable leg spread without chain and hook: $1,495.00